July 17, 2012
∆ (Alt-J)

∆ (pronounced Alt-J) is the most intriguing band I’ve come across this year. Stemming from Leeds, this English band released their debut album in May to much acclaim. Unique, complex, and all out captivating, ‘An Awesome Wave’ is crafted like a sprawling thriller. It will take you down both familiar and abstract paths. Elements of indie rock, pop, folk, hip hop, dubstep, R&B, elctropop, and world music are all interwoven with hypnotic vocals and deep lyrics, creating a work that can only be described as avant-garde in its truest sense (perhaps avant-pop?). This is simply a breathtaking record that treats listeners to amazing beats, samples, and gorgeous compositions. Do yourself a favor and check out the selected tracks below – or feel free to dive in and listen to the whole album from beginning to end.

***Stream the whole album here***

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Official Site


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